Monday, 28 October 2013

Birthday 19years old :)

budak kidal telah menaip ^^ Views

Hi you alls !!! Sorry cause very long time no have update post in blog. Im busy to study and final examination. By the way, now im holiday on 2weeks !!! why? because now im in study week hehehehe... actually 1week I think but I dont know why must break until 2weeks. And then, 27/oct is my birthday... im happy because my bestfriendforever was celebrated to me...muah2x.. she name is Siti Suriani... she ask me about where place i want to ate ! I dont know where la sueee !!! Hahaha. she always think about MCD always... so we went to MCD ... She asked me again about the cake. Aten nak cakee ??? Tersipu malu ! hahahaha. She bought me one slice cake chocolate strawberry flavour :) 

btw thank siti suriani muahhh !!!

♥ Terima Kasih Sebab Sudi Baca... Ikhlas kan ? Hee~ ♥



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